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RedBox Rx is Canada’s largest independent health facilities group contract provider. We leverage the buying power of hundreds of healthcare facilities to reduce drug supply costs, improve patient safety and maintain supply-chain security.

What We Do

RedBoxRx is a Group Purchasing Organization dedicated to providing resuscitation drugs and anesthetics to private surgical clinics and dental offices throughout Canada.

RedBox RX

About Us

About Us

RedBox Rx is a trusted to deliver specialized drugs and services to independent health facilities including networks of anesthesiologists, colonoscopy clinics, OMS clinics, fertility clinics, plastic surgery clinics, laser eye clinics, EMTs, diagnostic and dental specialties.

RedBox Rx is the only full-spectrum provider of parenteral anesthetics, sedatives, and emergency drugs devoted exclusively to you.  We help you run your practices efficiently with patient safety at the forefront. A wide-reaching network of member clinics ensures you always get the best value for the products you need.

Our Mission:

RedBox Rx is dedicated to the promotion of safe drug practices in private care.  Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of all Canadians by way of responsible medication management at all independent health facilities.

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Medical and Dental sedation specialists buy from RedBox Rx because they trust us to provide anesthetic and resuscitation drugs needed to deliver specialized procedures for their patients.

You want to ensure your drug supply is consistent and cost effective.

Our business is focused on providing the correct products at the correct time so your nurses spend more time caring for patients rather than managing medication supply.

Headlines & Updates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a number of ongoing drug shortages. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest information.

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RedBox RX

RedBox Rx Pharmacy Inc.

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(OCP Accreditation #309122)

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