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Our Story

RedBox Rx was founded in 2009 during a series of drug shortages precipitated by a major manufacturer recall.

Just as Out-of-Hospital facilities were on the rise, it was getting more difficult to obtain the necessary anesthetics and resuscitation drugs required for these private practices.  Hospitals had also stopped selling their supplies.  A perfect storm of factors was making drug shortages more pronounced and difficult to control.

Tejal, working with local OHPs, realized that there was an opportunity to work with big pharma to help them understand the growing needs of OHPs and private dental surgeries.  She worked with these manufacturers to better forecast demands in this segment, obtain drugs that were mostly inaccessible, and gain purchase volume sufficient to garner allocations and favorable pricing.

Since then, we have worked closely with anesthesiologists to understand the needs of private surgical practices and along the way have built a following of over 500 clinics across Canada. Our business has been built mostly on word-of-mouth referrals demonstrating the reliability of our services.

Our large network of practices has helped us provide you with the best price, best supply, and best service possible and we are committed to improve and serve your needs.  Buying with RedBox Rx means you will benefit from these connections.

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Medical and Dental sedation specialists buy from RedBox Rx because they trust us to provide anesthetic and resuscitation drugs needed to deliver specialized procedures for their patients.

You want to ensure your drug supply is consistent and cost effective.

Our business is focused on providing the correct products at the correct time so your nurses spend more time caring for patients rather than managing medication supply.

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