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Frequently Asked Questions

RedBox Rx is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) dedicated specifically to out-of-hospital independent health and dental facilities. 

We provide your staff with expert medication management support specific to surgical facilities and settings providing critical care.  Our primary focus is on drug safety.

Our ever-increasing volume of clients allows us to negotiate volume contract pricing with pharmaceutical manufacturers of parenteral products.  We have the lowest prices in the country for many of your rapidly consumed drugs.

We provide “one-of” vials and ampoules.  We bear the cost of unused inventory so you don’t have to purchase more than you need.

RedBox Rx’s substantial purchasing patterns are recognized by drug manufacturers such that when drug is rationed, we can continue to obtain supply for our members.

Your staff always interacts with licensed pharmacists to ensure your exacting needs are met.

Our 25+ years of experience means we know how to navigate the drug supply chain to ensure we are always in an in-stock position.

Our clients enjoy full-service drug procurement, professional consultation and contract pricing on the full range of hospital drugs and supplies. 

RedBox Rx does not charge membership fees to our registered member clinics. Your clinic simply benefits from savings derived through the RedBox Rx GPO program and the expertise of our specialized pharmacists.

RedBox Rx is uniquely positioned to provide value that cannot be matched by your neighbouring pharmacy or warehouse distributor.

One-stop-shop for all pharmaceuticals, narcotic and non-narcotic: There are no drugs that we cannot supply. We carry the largest inventory of parenteral products required for your industry. That means you get what you want, when you want it.

“One-of” vials and ampoules: You only purchase what you need. We do not force you to buy full packs.

Easy ordering: we have invested in secure digital technology to simplify the ordering process. No need to mail in prescriptions or endure long wait times for your order to be fulfilled.

Drug supply even during shortages: when your pharmacy is backordered, we have stock due to our direct relationships with manufacturers and our purchasing patterns.

We specialize in your area of practice: we interact everyday with anesthesiologists, surgeons, dental specialists, and nurses. You benefit from our network and the knowledge that comes through these alliances.

We understand your needs: Cut out ordering errors, improper drug selection and wasted money with our specialized pharmaceutical guidance.

You are always ready for business: Targeted services help you manage your medication supply so your procedures never get delayed and you always satisfy your regulatory requirements.

Our prices cannot be beat: No hefty membership fees, available inventory and volume contract pricing mean your drug expenses are reduced and your nurses can focus on improving patient outcomes. Similar to your focused expertise, specialized services such as ours lead to better-managed clinics, and better healthcare for all.

To register, simply click the register tab, and complete the required information. All customers are vetted to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications. Once your application is approved, we will notify you that your account is set up.

Access to our online site will be granted to registered account holders. Please log in at to place your order electronically. Here you will have access to your previous purchase history and be able to securely send in electronic documents. You can even send in a prescription using your mobile phone!

Yes we do!, including remote areas. Standard ground shipping rates apply. Shipping charges are waived for orders greater than $1500. Some restrictions apply. Rush orders, chain of signature, cold chain and air shipping may incur additional charges.

Our quality policy is to give you the longest-dated product available in the supply chain. This is our promise to you. In the event that a product is short-dated due to short supply we will inform you by email so you can choose to make changes to your order.

We aim to limit returns by reviewing orders for appropriateness. You are fully informed about issues with supply and dating so you can choose to change your order before it is shipped.

However, mistakes can happen and we understand this.  In the event that a return is required, please let us know so we can arrange the return via an appropriate healthcare transport service.  Once returned you will be refunded the price you paid, less a 20% restocking fee and shipping fees.

Along with professional guidance and clinical verification of all orders, we provide 2 organized medication management services.

Our MediTrack™ Service monitors, reconciles and replenishes your Crash Cart drugs monthly. This program ensures you are always ready for inspections and avoids staff from spending hours sourcing medications.

Our DrugAssure™ Service ensures you get secured access to frequently consumed drugs such as sedatives and analgesics.  We work with vendors to factor your volumes into production forecasts.  If you rely on consistent drug inventory to operate, this service will improve your efficiency.

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Medical and Dental sedation specialists buy from RedBox Rx because they trust us to provide anesthetic and resuscitation drugs needed to deliver specialized procedures for their patients.

You want to ensure your drug supply is consistent and cost effective.

Our business is focused on providing the correct products at the correct time so your nurses spend more time caring for patients rather than managing medication supply.

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